River Ridge Savannahs

Specializing in registered F3 generation Savannah to Savannah breeding. 

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Retired adult…Snickers has found his family! He moved to Pittsburgh to be the best friend to three well mannered, delightful children. SOLD

Snickers is a beautiful 2 1/2 year old SBT male Savannah who available to the right pet home. He is a warm gold with great eye shape and fur texture. He is a sweetheart, thus the name, Snickers. He is vocal, loves to be petted, and is busy most of the time. He is heavy, but not long, and would be a kind and loving addition to a cattery with F4s or later. He successfully bred our F3, but we now only breed with F2 girls. He gets along well with our other stud, Rosco, and they share the same living space. Conversely, Snickers would make a great neutered pet for a family. He is used to children and dogs, and while shy at first, lets his curiosity get the better of him and he becomes quite friendly. Please email or call for individual pricing.