River Ridge Savannahs

Specializing in registered F3 generation Savannah to Savannah breeding. 

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Kings and Queens

Introducing, Rosco, the man of the house. He was best friends with our retired stud, Snickers, and loves to spend time in their gazebo during the sunny, warm days.

Rosco is a high percentage silver Savannah who is special because he carries for gold, silver, and orange (rufoused), He became a father when he was only eight months old, surprising us all! He loves his babies and patiently lets them climb all over him. He is friendly, somewhat lazy for a Savannah, and would sit on a lap indefinitely. His coat is soft.

This is one of our two our F2B queens, Kasbah Lalapalooza. She is a wonderful mother, consistently producing kittens that closely approach the Savannah standard. LaLa carries genes for snow and gold.

This beauty to the left and below is Senna, an F2B girl from Summerwood. She had her first litter this year and proved to be a fantastic mother. She had the cleanest babies from all that motherly licking!

Meet our family!